Why facebook scares me

I was chatting with someone earlier today about how much sleep I get and how bad my insomnia is. Unfortunately this chat was on facebook. Usually I try to avoid that, but I just happened to see the other person on there and just started talking thinking that a short chat wouldn’t really matter much.

Just now I started noticing ads on several other sites for Sleep Clinics and other sleep aids. 

This is not cool. I would like to have some degree of privacy when I talk online. Did you know that facebook can track you through any site that has one of their “like” buttons. It’s really creepy. They also use those buttons to keep track of people who are not yet signed up. These are called “shadow profiles”.

Go listen to this NPR show if you don’t believe me.


Update: it looks like there’s another story about this on NPR at this very moment. You can go and listen to it this evening if you miss it.


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